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The Modern Mystic Guides are step by step guides for spells, manifestation, rituals and all things witchy! 

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My shop began on Etsy in 2020, as I was looking for a way to share little pieces of magic with people around me and selling crystal jewellery as well as spell jars has allowed me to do just that! Since then my business has grown and now I sell a wider range of items, from lavender earrings and rare crystals to tarot readings.

Little Lady Witching is a reliable place to shop for crystals and other spiritual items, if I’ve sparked your interest, please click the ‘shop online’ tab below and discover the witchy items I have to offer!

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Education and research in witchcraft is so important but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start, however, at Little Lady Witching Brand new and improved educational resources have been created to give people a starting point for their learning and points to help them master whatever journey you may be on. Check out our guides, from crystals to spells, we have you covered.

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As a solitary witch at times I feel lonely, my spiritual views are not always shared or accepted by others and that can feel isolating. So to fix this, I have created a group local to my area known as spiritual Plymouth, we are a group of spiritual people that meet for coffee regularly, with the aim of this group being to create a sense of community and connect with like-minded people.

If you are local to Plymouth or the surrounding areas and would like to become part of spiritual Plymouth sign up by clicking the tab below. 

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About us

Myself Macy and my partner Tyson are the owners, founders and creators of Little Lady Witching.

I am an eclectic witch based in Plymouth, UK, who has a passion for crystals, tarot, manifestation, and spell casting. I have always been spiritual and in more recent years I began practising witchcraft regularly, since that time I have grown and progressed, raising my vibration and utilising divine guidance as I navigate this universe.

As a result of my spiritual awakening, Little Lady Witching was created and now I’m ready to take you all on this spiritual journey with us.