Fluorite properties

Fluorite comes in so many different colours, from purple to green and even yellow, with the most common variation of fluorite being purple and green. If this crystal is placed under a UV light it will glow, which is pretty funky if you ask me! Fluorite can aid in spiritual detoxification, as well as helping to clear your mind. However, depending on the colour of the fluorite, the properties may be slightly different. For example, if the fluorite appears to be more green it may contribute to success or be good to use for a money spell.

Where can you find fluorite?

  • USA:
  • Colorado, CO
  • Missouri, MS
  • Illinois, IL
  • Kentucky, KY
  • UK


How Is Fluorite Formed?

Let's set this straight, crystals are old so old they date back further than homosapiens. Humans have been around for 300,000 years and fluorite has existed for 150-200 million years, meaning fluorite is 666 times older than humans.

This crystal has been around for so long that they have found the perfect conditions to grow in. Fluorite reflects its complexity in its beautiful patterns. Similarly to quartz, its perfect geothermal and hydrothermal conditions are of 100-450 degrees in the 'Earth's Kettle'. The difference that makes it fluorite is the reaction between the Fluorine.

Fluorine is the most electronegative (least conductive element) out of all the elements and one of the most unstable under oxygenation (science-y name for 'with air/water'). All of this is combined with Limestone deposits working as a catalyst for the crystal to form (yes, Limestone... that thing you haven't thought about since your GCSE Chemistry days) this enables the crystal to form its subtle purple patterns.