Water Signs

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♓ Pisces 

The Fish

February 19–March 20

Main Crystal: Amethyst

LLW Alternative: Amethyst

♋ Cancer 

The Crab

June 22–July 22 

Main Crystal: Emerald

LLW Alternative: Moonstone

♏ Scorpius

The Scorpion

October 24–November 21

Main Crystal: Tourmaline or opel

LLW Alternative: Obsidian

Water signs are emotional and sensitive. Now not all water signs are always emotional and might suppress their feelings (oi scorpio i'm looking at you). However, you might ask yourself how is this a good thing and that's because these are the first people you want to speak to after something emotional or upsetting has happened as their key trait is empathy. Water signs are often incredibly intuitive because of this they are great to seek guidance from.