Stilbite properties

Stilbite has a pearly and often light orange or peach appearance. This is a pretty crystal with a very gentle energy. Not only can this crystal introduce calm vibes into your life, but it can also invite love to the carrier. Because of its soft nature, Stilbite would be a great starter crystal for a crystal newbie, and it is something slightly different to the classic love crystal: Rose Quartz.

Where can you find Stilbite?

  • USA
  • Scotland
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • India

How is Stilbite formed?

Stilbite is a low-temperature, secondary hydrothermal mineral. For the less science-y people out there, this just means that it is created in the cooler reaction that happens after an initial warm water reaction.

Whilst this is similar to Selenite, the difference between the two is that the reaction occurs in a higher, salt silica rich deposit - more specific requirements to Selenite which will take anywhere warm and damp.