Toads Workshop

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What Is Toads Workshop?

The perfect combination of a little bit of magick and amazing craftsmanship are used to create Spell Toads.

Each one as unique as the last! Each one is made with different spell jars, colours, materials and even crystals. Every frog is unique, standing out from their brothers and sisters. These frogs are the  best companion if you're looking for a little magickal familiar. 

The Adoption process

Each spell frog contains a spell jar and comes with their own:

  • Certification of adoption
  • care sheet
  • a business card
  • a name tag which details the frog’s intention, the crystal used and the ingredients.

Please keep your frogs away from fire, small children and water, also note that spell frogs being kept in direct sunlight for extended amounts of time will result in their crystals fading and losing colour. 


Custom Spell Frog

Haven’t seen anything that resonates with you so far? Why not order a custom frog? 

Custom spell frogs are completely tailored to you and your needs. When you order you will be sent a google form to fill out, asking what you want your frog for, what you want them to look like and any additional things you may want added to your frog.

I can accommodate for most specific crystal requests, however certain more expensive crystals will incur an additional cost to source and pay for the crystal.

Please note that spell frogs are made and designed to attract more of a specific kind of energy around you and into your space, not to directly achieve a desired goal. They act more like a spiritual boost to an area of your life.


The Adoption Centre (Shop)

Meet the Maker of Frogs: Max

Hi there! I’m Max, maker of frogs, caster of spells and I run Toads Workshop.

I’m a crafty Norse Pagan and eclectic witch from South West England! I’ve used my crafts to channel energy and used art as a part of my practice for years and more recently have been putting my energy into sharing that with other people. That’s where Toad’s Workshop was born!

Toad’s Workshop is a queer owned independent business partnering with Little Lady Witching that sells witchy crafts that I have made by hand with the same love and care that I put into any of my own personal magick.

I hope you enjoy the amphibious friends I make and share with you!