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All with an '*' are the most popular and beginner friendly spreads, with all options below available with both a blend of tarot and oracle cards. and if none of the spreads sound perfect for you speak to us and we can see what we can do as most of these spreads can be tailored to if they are looking for something extra.

Spread Menu:

Name of Spread: Breif summary of spreads: 3 Cards 6 Cards 8 Cards 10 Cards
Guidance Spread * A general look at what can potentially guide you in the forcible future and can be easily adapted to anyone to ask more specific questions. £10 £20 £30 £40
Past, Present, Future * If you want to check in with the spiritual path you are currently on £10 £20 £30 £40
Present, Future, Advice for the future * For some adivce at the present and the upcoming year, paired with a bit of advice for the upcoming future. £10 £20 £30 £40
Career spread This reading is great if you’re wanting more of an insight into your career path, if you’re weighing up your job options this could be the spread for you £10 £20 £30 £40
Interview spread This is a great spread if you’re prepping for a job interview, looking at your strengths, areas of improvement and potential career outcomes. £10 £20 - -
Relationship meaning for connection spread This can be Plutonic or romantic as you will be looking into yours and their positioning and what you potentially might have to face together. £10 £20 - -
Pathway spread This spread looks at the two paths you might be considering. Looking at the positives of the paths, the challenges of the paths and the potential outcome of these paths as well as advice - £20 £30 £40
Spiritual Healing This spread can help encourage ad guide you on your journey towards spiritual healing - £20 £30 £40
Strengths and self development spread This spread takes a look at your strengths, weaknesses and how you can develop in each area - £20 £30 -
Manifestation spread This spread takes a look at your manifestation journey. Understanding what you can do to get started, what potential manifestation blocks there might be and action you can take to bring your manifestations into fruition - £20 £30 -
Stepping into your power spread This spread looks at where you are most powerful, how you can maintain/ regain that power, what gives you strength/ courage, what challenges your sense of power and advice for stepping back into your power - £20 £30 -
Lovers spread (for singles) This spread is similar to the lovers/meaning for connection spread, but looks at the next upcoming romantic connecting. Understanding what position you may be in when you meet, as well as what you both bring to that connection, the lesson and any advice for your journey of finding love. - - £30 £40
Lovers spread (for couples) This spread is similar to the meaning for connection spread however it goes deeper looking at strengths, areas for change, each persons position and the lesson you both learn from the connection - - £30 £40

The Witch's Specials:

The Witch's Special Spread and Options: Price:
20 Mins of my time £35
30 Mins of my time £45
45 Mins of my time £55
60 Mins/1 Hour of my time £65
12 Card Year ahead Spread £50
24 Card Year ahead Spread £90