Little Lady Witching e-Loyalty Card & Rewards

How to earn points:

£5 = 1 Stamp

Item or Discount Number of stamps
Free Tumblestone Free on Joining
Free Tumblestone 5
10% off your in-store purchase 10
Free Little Lady Witching Tote 15
Free £20 or below Tarot Reading 20
Free £20 or below Tarot Reading (On Birthday)

If you refer your friend via the app you both can get goodies...

You Your Friend
Crystal Lucky Dip Free Tumble
Free Tumblestone 10% off in store

We now have our own e-loyalty card which you can now add directly to your phone or via the amazing flex app.

It takes only 60 seconds to get one step closer to earn free items, birthday rewards, referral goodies and more discounts you can shake your wand at. Here at your favourite spiritual shop.

(Compatible with all Android and Apple Devices)

How to get your own Little Lady Witch Loyalty Card

Its so quick and easy to do...


Click the button below to visit the website or scan the QR code to fill out this quick and easy form.


Add the new Little Lady Withing loyalty card have it to hand online or Via the FLEX App (Download the app for a better and smoother exp.


All done! now every time you Spend £5 you earn 1 pt. Plus birthday treats, referrals treats and more exclusive  discounts you can shake your wands at are all right at your finger tips.

QR code to the sign up link 

You can Scan, collect, and earn points every time you visit us and purchase items in-store; furthermore, to check what rewards you are illegible for click the details tab at the bottom of the e-loyalty card and follow the link

When you want to redeem your points scan your code or give us your phone for us to input the store pin before you pay and we will apply your points

Little Lady Witching Rewards and e-Loyalty Cards T&C's: Referral redemption-You both will be able to redeem you items after the new loyalty member has made there 1st purchase then both parties will be able to redeem there referral rewards with their first purchase in store. With need to come to a minimum purchase of £5 or above to claim. Stamp scaling/earning is done of the premise of 'One Stamp scaling to multiples of £5' therefore, however much you spend divide you divide the total by 5 and round down to the nearest five.(e.g. £35 = 7 stamps, £24= 4 stamps, etc) with the most amount of stamps able to be collected at one time being 20 stamps = £100 max order. Redeeming your rewards need to be done by a member of staff in-store. Do not redeem without a present member of staff. if they did not complete see it and confirm it the no rewards as the message when gone is gone.