Blue Tigers Eye

Blue Tigers Eye properties

Blue Tigers eye is underrated compared to Tigers Eye, sure Tigers Eye is handsome, but have you seen BLUE tigers eye?

It is Tiger’s Eye’s much more handsome cousin. This crystal has protective qualities and has been used for protecting against negative energies, including curses or baneful magic. This crystal is also known to balance anxious energy. If you like Tigers Eye, definitely consider blue Tigers Eye.

Where can you find Blue Tigers Eye?

  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Namibia 

How is Blue Tigers Eye Formed?

Tigers Eye is more complex than meets the eye. It is known as a 'pseudomorph' which means the original form has transformed through reaction changing its original state. (So with the science bit done, the rest is very straight forward and just as impressive).

As tigers eye is a pseudomorph of Quartz, it forms over Crocidolite. Crocidolite is a material composed of tightly woven fibres creating a lattice-like structure. Because of the woven fibres that cover the Crystal it is able to reflect and refract light (cough...cough...hence the name).

This is a combination of the Crocidolite transforming and then reacting with the Iron, staining the Quartz in the process leaving the orange, brown and golden colour to the crystal.