Fire Signs

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♈ Aries 

The Ram

March 21–April 19

Main Birthstone: Aquamarine

LLW alternative: Jasper or Bloodstone

♌ Leo 

The Lion

July 23–August 22

Main Birthstone: Ruby

LLW alternative: Tigers Eye

♐ Sagittarius 

The Archer

November 22–December 21

Main Birthstone: Topaz or citrine

LLW alternative: Turquoise

Fire signs are the cocktail of passion, strength mentally/physically and temperamental some of the time. A fire sign might find that they are the barer for immense/larger than life energy. These people will often rise up to be in a leadership position. They're someone to look up to for the intelligence and creativity that they carry. However, bare in mind that although they are tough and can be hot-headed sometimes their anger is often easily defused for forgiveness.