Green Zebra Jasper

Green Zebra Jasper properties

Green Zebra Jasper's deep green hues and flashy silver streaks really know how to catch your eye. This crystal has motivating properties. Like other green crystals, it can help aid in personal and business success, giving you the energy to commit and complete your goals.

Where can you find Green Zebra Jasper?

North American Peninsula:

  • USA 
  • Canada 

How is Green Zebra Jasper formed?

Green Jasper has unique and distinct patterns, however it is actually closely related to quartz - even being part of the same family. Which both form through the 'consolidation process' (science-y name for the flow of the very hot circulation of lava between the original silica rich sediments). 

Because of the similarities between the Jasper and Quartz, it can be modified and altered depending on the environment where the diffusion occurs.

e.g. Green Jasper is green because this type of Quartz was being formed around Iron which diffuses a green-ey colour.