Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz properties

Clear Quartz, also known as the ‘master healer’ is the most versatile crystal out there. Pairing clear Quartz with other crystals helps to enhance the properties of the other crystal, this stone is also a great cleansing tool. Clear Quartz is definitely up there in the top three stones you should start your collection with!

Where can you find Clear Quartz?

    • USA 
    • Brazil
    • Russia 
    • Madagascar

    How can Clear Quartz be formed?

    Clear Quartz is found all over the shop as it doesn't require a lot to form, as long as it is growing in nice, Silica (Silicon Dioxide) rich waters. Silica is the fancy name for the thing in magma which makes it runny. The lower the Silica content, the more viscous and hard the magma. 

    This paired with the perfect geothermal locations (which will sit between 100-450 degrees) is the ideal breeding ground for Quartz to form - the more time they are under the ideal conditions, the more they will grow. (Ideal as can be because 1000 ft under the Earth's crust acts as an underground nature kettle)

    As the magma cools super slowly a chemical reaction happens inside the magma crystallising it and enabelling it to form a Quartz. Which from here lots of other crystal are made by the fusion of other elements in the process of the Quartz crystallising: Beryl = Colourless = Quartz

    Magnesium = Pink = Rose Quartz 

    Iron = Green = Green Jasper

    Aluminium + Iron = Purple = Amethyst

    Chromium = Red = Citrine

    Some crystals are more complicated but the basic premise is always the same.