Selenite Properties? 

Selenite is a great healing tool, with its high vibrational nature, it is able to bring a light energy to the carrier. It can cleanse spaces and objects of stagnant energy. You must be sure not to get this crystal wet! As wonderful as this crystal is, it is fragile when it comes to water.

Where is Selenite at?

  • USA
  • Mexico 
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Greece
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Australia 

How is Selenite formed?

Selenite is a mineral in the Gypsum family. It forms as a build up of salt from evaporated saltwater. Over millions of years, water builds up, evaporates, leaves behind a layer of salt, and then the process repeats over and over again until the salt forms the selenite that you see today. 

As it is made from evaporated salt, there are gaps in the crystalline structure, which allows light to pass through, giving it a transparent looking finish.