Earth Signs

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♉ Taurus Bull

April 20–May 20

Main Crystal: Diamond

LLW Alternative: Turquoise

♍ Virgo 

The Virgin

August 23–September 22 

Main Crystal: Peridot

LLW Alternative: Jasper

♑ Capricornus 

The Goat

December 22–January 19

Main Crystal: Turquoise/Lapiz Lazuli

LLW Alternative: Onyx

Apart from being the clear best one (joking! Don't get wound up fire signs) Earth signs are people in the group that keep you grounded and level you out. Although  Earth signs have been found to be a little emotional at times and a bit more materialistic, they are the logic rock, the voice of reason but mostly expresses the most realistic and simple solutions to any problems. Earth signs, have a very practical, loyal and reasonable personalities which make them want to stick by people no matter how hard times get, thanks to Earths signs' stubbornness.