Labradorite properties

Labradorite is easily one of the most attractive crystals out there. It can come in deep blues and greens with flashes of gold, yellow and orange or it can come in light greys with yellow and pink streaks. This crystal is a magnificent stone to meditate with as it helps to develop psychic abilities and divine knowing. Labradorite helps you to vibrate on a higher frequency and can be a great crystal to use whilst reading tarot.

Where can you find Labradorite?

  • Canada
  • USA
  • Scandnaiver:
  • Norway
  • Sweden 
  • Finland

How is Labradorite Formed?

Labradorite is made up of the most abundant mineral on Earth - a mixture of Silica and Aluminium which equates to more than 50% of the Earth's crust (hehe earth pun!).

The appearance of Sodium (Albite) and Calcium (Anorthite) In lay-men's terms, they are the perfect elements in the Limestone which enhances the crystal structure. Furthermore, with a slight bit of chemistry changing some of the amounts of Sodium and Calcium will enable Moonstone, Sunstone and Amazonite to form because of their almost identical chemical compositions and are also just as abundant.