Pyrite properties

Pyrite, also know as ‘Fool's Gold’ is a golden crystal. Like many crystals it has protective properties, however this crystal is also good for manifestation and for chasing your dreams. You want this crystal with you whilst pursuing your goals to raise your vibration and keep you on track.

Where can Pyrite be found?

  • USA
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Kazakhstan

How is Pyrite formed?

Pyrite, more commonly known as, Fool's Gold is great to uncover today but back in the gold rush in 1848–1855 across America they confused this with the real deal Gold. 

It looks similar but formed completely differently. It's most commonly found in soils and sediments within the Earth. This pyrite is formed by bacteria that remove oxygen within the Sulphate in the water, producing Sulphide. This Sulphide reacts with iron to create every American settlers' nightmare.

You are probably thinking the same as me. "Sulphate in the water!.. that's alarming?" well, let me calm those nerves for you. Sulphate is everywhere, it is naturally in the air, soil and water. However, excessive run off from industrial waste: tanning, textiles & mining can lead to large amounts of Sulphate contaminants in concentrated quantities. This might explain why the 17th century settlers found so much. Hence why over 90 % of the pyrite on Earth is formed using microbiological processes.