Our Family run team

Macy: The Witch (Owner)

I am Macy, the owner of Little Lady Witching.

I am an eclectic witch based in Plymouth UK with a passion for crystals, tarot, manifestation, and spell casting. I have always been spiritual and in more recent years I began practicing witchcraft regularly, since that time I have grown and progressed, raising my vibration and utilising divine guidance as I navigate this universe.

I've tapped in to the universe, and I am manifesting some incredible things in my life, if you wanna be a divine girlie like me then let me guide you. One of my purposes in life is to share my spiritual practice with others and bring vibrancy to the lives of the people I interact with.

Watch this website, follow my socials because I have incredible things beginning. 

And just remember, you can NEVER girl boss too close to the sun.

Tyson: The Tech Wizard (Co-Founder/Engine)

Ello, my name it Tyson and I am the fiancé to the lil Witch. I am someone who comes from a background of sport development, youth work and semi-pro futsal career (indoor five-aside).

So, when I met Macy who introduced me to crystals it was completely different world, I am not a warlock or witch at all. Summed up I am, 1 part decent cook, 2 parts dog dad, 3 parts demon on the Xbox sticks on multiveruses and CoD

"As it's nuts...you know!"

I'm here to make the shop and your experience perfect for everyone from building the shop myself to, creating this website i ensure to make it as acessable to everyone as possible even if you can't read.

Hugo: The Familiar (The Dog)

Bork... My name is Hugo. I am 4.



I like treats, people and attention... One day, I hope for world domination! But for now I will help mum and dad with the business.