Green Aventurine  

Green Adventurine properties

Known as the ‘gamblers stone’ this crystal is all about abundance and success. If you’re heading to las vegas anytime soon, you want this lucky charm in your pocket! This crystal will encourage motivation and alignment will opportunities. The shades of green can vary, but its most beautiful shades of green are best shown in polished forms of this crystal.

Where can Green Adventurine be found?

  • Spain 
  • Russia 
  • India

How is Green Adventurine formed?

Adventurine is the real deal, it is a Quartzite, therefore is formed like most Quartz with very small pieces of quartz in warm and dense place. This in combination with, disseminated fuchsite mica enables the colour to change. This can lead to Adventurine to be found in a variety of different colours. The most common is definitely green, however, it may be also be orange, brown, yellow, blue, or grey.

Keep your eye out as people often confuse it with sun or goldstone as they share a slight resemblance in the sparkles and shimmers the crystal gives off, as Goldstone is an Adventurine wanna-be.