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Relationship meaning for connection spread

Lovers spread (for single people)

Lovers spread (for Couples)

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Name of Spread: Breif summary of spreads: 3 Cards 6 Cards 8 Cards 10 Cards
Guidance Spread * A general look at what can potentially guide you in the forcible future and can be easily adapted to anyone to ask more specific questions. £10 £20 £30 £40
Relationship meaning for connection spread This can be Plutonic or romantic as you will be looking into yours and their positioning and what you potentially might have to face together. £10 £20 - -
Lovers spread (for single people) This spread is similar to the lovers/meaning for connection spread, but looks at the next upcoming romantic connecting. Understanding what position you may be in when you meet, as well as what you both bring to that connection, the lesson and any advice for your journey of finding love. - - £30 £40
Lovers spread (for couples) This spread is similar to the meaning for connection spread however it goes deeper looking at strengths, areas for change, each persons position and the lesson you both learn from the connection - - £30 £40