Grounding Spell Frog - Jackson


Jackson is looking for a home with someone who is feeling a bit detached from the grounding energy of the Earth. He loves to meditate and go on nature walks to take in the beauty of nature. This amphibious friend has been made with red jasper and a spell jar containing grounding herbs.

Please note that spell frogs are made and designed to attract more of a specific kind of energy around you and into your space, not to directly achieve a desired goal. They act more like a spiritual boost to an area of your life.

Each spell frog contains a spell jar and comes with an adoption certificate, a care sheet, a business card and a name tag which details the frog’s intention.

Please keep your frogs away from fire, small children and water, also note that spell frogs being kept in direct sunlight for extended amounts of time will result in their crystals fading and losing colour.